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ATI Profiil

ATI Profiil

Leading Plastic Profile manufacturer in Baltic states

Founded 2000

ATI Profiil Ltd. was established in 2000 as plastic profile manufacturing company, which is bases on experienced people and innovative ideas.


More than 100 different plastic profiles in product range, plus custom models created in collaboration with our clients.
Materials we use:
PVC (hard, soft, foamed), PS, ABS, PP, PE.


Actively developing new profiles from the concept to finishing. Customers with specific ideas always welcome.
From idea up to complete solution!

Recycled plastic

We started to recycle plastics from the very first day after the company was established.
Currently, the part of recycled raw material is up to 30%, so that does not violate the balance between green attitude and quality of production.
Recycling is not just a matter of fashion lifestyle – this is how we think and what we do.



* Ask a custom profile to fit your needs

Our production range

  • Skirtings
  • Corner profiles
  • Stretching sealing profiles
  • Profiles for industrial air dust filter systems
  • Construction profiles

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